Darzis Package consolidation allows you to order your desired clothes from multiple clothing stores in Pakistan. We merge all your products in a single package to reduce your shipping charges. 

We ship worldwide from Pakistan.

How it works:

  1. Create/Sign-in to the Darzis account.
  2. We provide you with shipping Details.
  3. Shop online at any Pakistani clothing store & on checkout, use your Darzis provided details as the shipping details.
  4. Provide us your order Tracking code & Product Url.
  5. Once your purchases have arrived at our address, we’ll send you a notification.
  6. We’ll Combine your packages and efficiently ship them to you, saving you up to 50 -80% on standard global shipping costs. 
  7. You’ll charged Standard Shipping Charges + 10$ Service Charges upto 5 packages.
  8. More than 5 Packages will charge 20$.